About me

About me

Hi there! My name is Alexander Abraham and I’m a developer, artist, musician, and content-creator from Vienna, Austria. I’ve been developing open-source software for the past 13 years, mixing music for the past 10 years, and recently started a YouTube channel! All relevant links can be found on the "Socials" page.

About this site

I’ve made multiple revisions of this website and over time the design has matured into the design you see before you now. I wrote this site in pure HTML5, CSS3, and with a dash of Javascript. The content on this site is managed via a content-management system I built myself in Rust, called Mandy. The Mandy project behind this site is compiled using Mandy, pushed to a separate branch in the same GitHub repository, and served via GitHub Pages to the world at large. The domain is my own. You can find the relevant links in the list below.

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